Swen Nater (28pts) vs. Celtics (1978)

One of the toughest centers and best rebounders of the 70s – Swen Nater. The 1973-74 ABA Rookie of the Year, has had a season in the ABA averaging 15.1 points and 16.4 rebounds (lead the league), best NBA season could be 15.5pts/13.2 rebs or 13.4pts/15rebs (lead the league). Probably best known for his bench player role with the 1983/84 Lakers, otherwise Swen hasn’t played for particularly good professional teams. Despite this, people around the leagues knew that the big Dutchman could play and bang people around – I’ve read that he once got in a scramble with Marvin Barnes under the basket and simply flung Marvin to the end of the court as if he were a doll. Was a back-up center for Bill Walton in UCLA and since his life had been a tough one (got orphaned in Netherlands, cut during tryouts for his high school basketball team) he never pouted and never got outworked, even by Bill Walton. He still holds the NBA record for most defensive rebounds in a half – 18. April 9, 1978.