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Latrell Sprewell 37pts 5ast vs. Kings (2003.12.05)

Latrell Sprewell 37pts 5ast


A season-high on 14/20 shooting for Spree. Some great work in the pick-n-roll which generated both driving lanes for Sprewell himself to take his mid-range jumpers and opportunities for Garnett to pop out for a jump-shot. Spree was clutch in the end of the game as well. Too bad that he foolishly wasn’t in the league by the 2005-06 season any more. He still had plenty in him. December 5, 2003.

Side-note – I made the executive decision to count six passes for a basket as assists. Don’t see a reason why one particular pass wasn’t counted as one (Spree was credited with 5 assists in the boxscore).



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