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Manute Bol 8pts 5reb 10blk vs. Jazz (1989.03.10)

Manute Bol 8pts 5reb 10blk


Probably one of Manute’s best games in a Golden State Warriors uniform. He gets off to a hot start on offense by making a mid-range jumper on his first possession on the court and later drilling the first of his two three-pointers. On the other end of the court, he was a nightmare for Karl Malone and Thurl Bailey, who were the two main recipients of Manute’s rejections. Although Malone eventually got one dunk by Bol, he sure had to attempt a whole lot of field goals to get there. An invaluable defensive impact by Manute in this one when you also account for all the shots he contested or deterred. March 10, 1989.



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