Walter Davis (40pts/Forces OT/Game-Winner) vs. Supersonics (1979)

The legitimacy of the following analysis was questionable, yet one of the subplots of this Supersonics – Suns game was that John Johnson had stopped Walter Davis’s streak of 137 straight NBA games in double digits the previous time the two teams faced (what’s relevant is that Davis played only 16 minutes due to foul problems). The CBS crew even had them stand besides each other before the game so they could show a shot of that game’s small forward match-up.

Perhaps, that fueled Walter Davis to score 40 points, one of the ten times he did reach 40 in his career. The 17 he drops in the fourth quarter and the two jumpers, which helped Phoenix force the overtime and then win the game, are all awesome. However, they almost undermine the lightning speed with which he attacks in transition, the smart passes he made to teammates (should have had more than four assists) and the smart cuts he makes in half-court basketball. A terrific Walter Davis performance. March 30, 1979.



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