Dale Ellis (53pts) vs. Bucks (1989, 5OTs)

The game in which Dale Ellis set the NBA record for most minutes played in a single game with 69. Ellis’s name and performance is the one which other players mostly recall when talking about this game. Yet him being the pure scorer he was, you’ll read how Ellis himself remembers actually not being all that efficient (18/39 FG).

That might be somewhat true up to a point, but you also have to acknowledge how truly exhausting it is for a player to clock enough minutes for it to count as two games and still put up all those shots (he also got to the line for 17 free throws). Ellis had 33 after the first four quarters expired and then proceeded to light it up. I think we”ll go ahead and commend him for that. After the Supersonics were down 9 in the fifth overtime, Seattle almost forced a sixth one thanks to a Dale Ellis steal. Ultimately, it wasn’t meant to be… November 9, 1989.

Disclaimer – eight of Ellis’s 53 points are missing from this video since my version of the game doesn’t have the full 73 minutes.



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