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Manute Bol 18pts 3blk – Hits Six Threes vs. Suns (1993.03.03)

Manute Bol 18pts 3reb 3blk


One of those performances of which I had already made a video, yet it needed to be re-done because of the screw-ups I made back then due to various reasons (mostly technical, I might re-do some other videos which suffer from the audio and video not being in sync, per example). It was hard to simply get rid of 200k views though.
The Phoenix Suns are in absolute control of the game the first 24 minutes so coach Doug Moe starts the second half with Manute Bol at center to shake things up. The duo of Greg Grant and Manute do end up being the unlikely heroes. The Suns become scared shitless, mostly avoid attacking the basket from the paint and at times blatantly don’t take open shots because of Bol and on the other end of the floor Manute just starts jacking threes which to everyone’s delight, even the Phoenix crowd, mostly go in. Manute himself is already a once-in-a-lifetime player, but when will we ever see a center decide in his 37th game of the season that he should camp behind the three point line, even though he’s made one shot from long range the whole year!? Unless Andrew Bynum becomes player-coach some day, I don’t see this happening. Moreover, there’s no way Bynum could go 6/12 like Manute did. March 3, 1993.



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