Bill Willoughby (14pts) vs. Celtics (1981 Finals) (Game 2)

Here’s to enriching YouTube’s archives with footage of not so well-known players! Bill Willoughby is a guy who performed quite well throughout the 1981 Finals so I couldn’t resist the temptation of creating a video for his post-season career-high in points. The springy forward made athletic plays like these all six games and it really shouldn’t be a surprise as he’s famously known for blocking Kareem’s sky-hook during the same playoffs. There were errors in between, but all in all Willo (a Del Harris nickname) provided the Rockets with a nice boost of the bench. During this particular game he also made a few jumpers, the last one being quite the clutch shot which helped Houston to tie the series. May 7, 1981, NBA Finals.



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