Cedric Maxwell (28pts/15rebs/MVP) vs. Rockets (1981 Finals) (Game 5)

“Game five belonged to Max. It was the most fired up I’d ever seen him and it told me how badly he wanted that championship. He could smell it. He was getting great rebounding position underneath and we were all feeding him. He had twenty-eight points (plus fifteen rebounds) and we won by twenty-nine. Max was just awesome in that one.” – Larry Bird

Cedric Maxwell basically clinches the title for the Celtics and the Finals MVP award for himself by wreaking havoc in the paint in a 29-point onslaught over the Houston Rockets that put Boston up 3-2. Cornbread displayed his versatile combination of flexibility and strength on those and-1s. It surely was the perfect time for a playoffs career-high in points or to rephrase Larry Bird a great time to have a game which belongs to you. May 12, 1981, NBA Finals.

(Bird, Larry. 1989. Drive: The Story of My Life. New York: Bantam Books. p. – 103.)



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