Shawn Kemp (Cavs) (22pts/5 Dunks) vs. Raptors (2000)

One of the last games from a somewhat in-his-prime Cleveland Cavaliers’ Shawn Kemp (averaging 17.8 and 8.8 for the season and having his second highest scoring output per 36 in his career). Some of the extra weight is there, but he still has the oomph to run circles around Charles Oakley, who just couldn’t combat the combination of Kemp’s size and speed. Poor defense notwithstanding, I imagine that nowadays many wouldn’t think of the 1999-00 Shawn Kemp as someone who would throw down five dunks in a game. Back then, little did anyone know that sixth months later Kemp would have a season opener of 4 points (2-9 FG) in 12 minutes and that he would only have two more 22-point performances (one of them came a few days later in the season finale of 1999-00) in his career. April 10, 2000.



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