George Thompson (7pts) vs. NBA All-Stars (1972)

George Thompson might be the best pro basketball player who never appeared even in one playoff game. Stuck on bad Pittsburgh Condors and Memphis Tams teams, Thompson put together an impressive resume of three All-Star games, yet never achieved any team success. A bulky 6-2 guard who weighed 200, George Thompson would get to the rim a whole lot (holds the ABA record for 29 free throws attempted in one game) and score in the 20s.

In this particular Supergame he was a part of the Julius Erving-lead bench brigade that opened up a 17-point lead for the ABA All-Stars. Thompson contributed with two fast break finishes during that stretch. NBA – ABA All-Star Game. May 25, 1972.

Disclaimer – two of Thompson’s 7 points are missing from this video since there is no game tape of the fourth quarter.



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