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Ray Williams 25pts 14ast vs. Lakers (1983.02.18)

Ray Williams 25pts 6reb 14ast


Kansas City Kings Larry Drew and Ray Williams combine for 42 points and 28 assists between the two of them. Makes you wonder how often a duo has posted such assist numbers, while maintaining a hefty amount of points. Williams was already at 8 assists in the first quarter and notched a double double six minutes into the second 12-minute session. Mike Woodson basically just had to make sure that he’s somewhat open and two points would be a certainty as Williams assisted him on his first five jump shots. With the nice passes he made and some of them not leading to field goals, there was a real possibility of him getting near 20 assists in this game. All of that while sharing the court with another true point guard in Larry Drew. February 18, 1983.



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