Jeff Ruland (30pts/15rebs/8asts) vs. Celtics (1984 Playoffs)

Jeff Ruland’s one of the most forgotten NBA players from the 80s. This center averaged 20 and 11 in his prime (from 1982 to ’86) and during this particular 1983/84 season he was an all-star with the averages of 22.2 points and 12.3 rebounds, despite the fact that he looks like a dad from an 80s sitcom. However, Ruland had similar feet problems to Bill Walton, so instead of being one of the best centers of the 80s, he only can claim two somewhat full seasons to his name and even those are on mediocre Bullets teams. During these first round series against Boston Jeff averaged 24 points, 13 rebounds and 8 assists. He’s close to a triple double in this game and you can see how great of a post player he is – he can score one on one and if the opponents bring another defender, Ruland can make the right pass. I thought that he’s somebody who should be in youtube’s archives. By the way, is there anyone else from the 80s who shouldn’t be missing, but is?



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