Mitch Richmond (30pts/6asts) & Lionel Simmons (25pts/6asts) vs. Rockets (1992)

Perhaps the most forgotten duo of the 90s due to injuries (Lionel Simmons) and the lack of a supporting cast (Mitch Richmond). Not only do both score effectively during this game (Simmons was 11 from 15, Richmond – 11/21, 3 from 5 from downtown) but they also find team-mates for good looks at the basket as both have 6 assists apiece.

Things to look for:

Mitch Richmond’s use of upper-body strength to create good mid-range looks;
Lionel Simmons’s smooth touch from mid-range;
The PA sounds of the Arco Arena. I particularly liked the train sound effect after Lionel “L-Train” Simmons’s fast-break dunk.

March 8, 1992.



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