Kiki Vandeweghe (50pts) vs. Spurs (1984)

This Spurs – Nuggets showdown was the perfect game for Kiki Vandeweghe to go for 50 points. The pace was unbelievably fast (I believe the score of 163-155 in an NBA game regulation is only second to the famous Run-TMC and Enver Nuggets affair in 1991), there is no defense being played (there are frequent fast-breaks with at least a one man advantage after scored baskets on the other end) and getting an open look isn’t a problem (you basically are home free after beating your own man). Fast pace, no defense and jumpers are what characterizes Kiki Vandeweghe who averaged 29.4 points per game during this season. Kudos to him for scoring the 50 — his second highest points outing — on 21 from 30 shooting. January 11, 1984.



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