George McGinnis (31pts/11rebs/10asts) vs. Colonels (1975 ABA Finals)

Big George gives it his all trying to evade a series loss in the finals. By this time the Pacers aren’t the same team with Mel Daniels and Freddie Lewis gone, and Roger Brown and Bob Netolicky being past their prime vets. McGinnis (who, by the way, has an injured ankle) thus has plenty of responsibilities on the court and you can marvel at the 6-8 forward blazing up the court as he brings the ball up, finding open team-mates on cuts and making ridiculous one-handed jumpshots. I think he might have been close to double digits in turnovers in this game as well, yet I made the executive decision not to include them, no matter how interesting they might be from a certain perspective if one wanted to properly rate McGinnis. However, it seemed unfair to George knowing that there wouldn’t be that many people looking this video up. I’d rather it had a positive message about him as a player. Even though he posted a large number of turnovers throughout his career, in this case I think it was a combination of being over-used, trying to do too much and at times attempting moves that are way too difficult. During these playoffs McGinnis averaged 32.3 points, 15.9 rebounds, 8.2 assists, 6.2 turnovers and a usage rate of 36% (13th highest ever, in between some Jordan playoffs and more than Kobe Bryant ever was used). May 22, 1975.



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