Marquese Chriss 17 Points/4 Blocks Full Highlights (3/4/2018)

Marquese “Mar-Kweezy” Chriss has been straight up booty for most of this year. He’s regressed pretty heavily from his rookie season and I’m not exactly sure why. Does he not have the trust of the coaches anymore? Earl Watson, Chriss’ rookie-year coach, was known as a “player’s coach”, so he probably would have given minutes/shots to anybody if that meant keeping the locker room harmonious. Earl Watson was also a garbage coach. Jay Triano is better but probably doesn’t see Chriss as worth the development effort compared to the other young prospects on the team.

The low point for Chriss probably came against the Grizzlies two games ago, a game where he played six minutes, picked up five fouls, and missed three shots. In a damning indictment of his abilities as a basketball player, the Suns actually WON that game. So, the game where Chriss plays the least, the Suns win their first game since January. One game isn’t a big enough sample size to make meaningful conclusions, but, oops, I think I just made a meaningful conclusion anyway. Chriss is not very good right now. But when he has games like this, you see how he could maybe be good sometime in the future. Possibly.

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