Juwan Howard (27pts) vs. Bulls (1996)

Sophomore Juwan Howard ended his only All-Star season on a strong note, averaging 29.4 points (53.8% FG), 10.5 rebounds and 4.9 assists per game in the last 11 exhibitions. At the end of the season the Howard-lead Wizards trailed the 8th-placed Heat by only 3 games despite missing Chris Webber and Robert Pack for the most of the season.

Coming off of a 40 and 42-point performance, Juwan scored 27 in the season closing game against the 72-10 Bulls. The half-court game wasn’t all that pretty as Howard forced a bit too many 18-footers, however, this video does highlight his ability to knock said jumpers down and get out in the open court, whether he’s finishing the fast break or handling the ball himself. A 100-million contract would be coming shortly… April 21, 1996.



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