Marques Johnson (31pts) vs. Supersonics (1980 Playoffs)

On the list of total seasons of at least 20 points per game Marques Johnson with six of them might be the highest unexpected name for some people. His career was effectively over when he was barely 30 (a short comeback with the Warriors and in White Men Can’t Jump notwithstanding) and until that point he had been selected for the All-Star team five times in nine seasons. His averages for his career at that point – 20.4 points (52% from the field), 7.1 rebounds and 3.7 assists per game. I don’t know… I somehow feel like he rarely gets mentioned, despite being an efficient player on some very good Milwaukee teams. Perhaps, there’s no mystery here. Had he contributed five more good seasons to the NBA, perhaps, he’d be remembered in the same vein as Alex English, Mark Aguirre, etc.

Unfortunately, I have to apologize for the quality of this video. First off, it’s from the 1980 Playoffs and that means tape delayed games and shared broadcasts. Three of Marques’s points are missing since you have to endure the switches to a fourth quarter blowout in Houston. Second off, the version of the game that I have gets choppy at certain points and thus some clips might be obscured by errors.

April 13, 1980.



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