Tony Campbell (44pts/14rebs) vs. Celtics (1990)

A good role player for the Detroit Pistons of the mid80s and the 1988 champions Los Angeles Lakers, Tony Campbell went on to average at least 20 points per game in the first two seasons of the Minnesota Timberwolves existence. In this particular game Campbell recorded career-highs in points and rebounds in front of nearly 40 00 spectators and in Minnesota’s first nationally televised game. Campbell went to work on the left block and effectively used his strength for creating mid-range jumpers and shots around the basket.

TC was particularly huge when it mattered as 30 of his points came in the second half (20 of them in the fourth quarter, the late foul-shooting obviously adding to that total). Campbell grabbed the most important rebounds and held off heroic efforts from Larry Bird with clutch shots of his own. This quickly became one of my favorite and, in my opinion, coolest individual performances I have watched. I love the background for this game, the huge double double Campbell recorded and the post moves he finishes as a shooting guard. February 2, 1990.

Disclaimer – two of Campbell’s points are missing from the video since they came during Boston’s late-game intentional fouling which is partially excluded from the recording of the game that I have.



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