LaBradford Smith (37pts, 15/20FG) vs. Bulls (1993)

The game no one wants you to know about. The highlights you shouldn’t be able to see. The footage I might get kidnapped for any second now. The prequel to Michael Jordan’s famous “LaBradford Smith game”, on which the sociopathic MJ scored 47 since he had made up the fact that LaBradford had trashed talked him the previous night (he apparently didn’t even do so).

A stand-out at the University of Louisville, LaBradford Smith had a short-lived NBA career. Yet he was capable of playing at a good level and for one night he showed that to the fullest by putting up 37 points on 15 from 20 from the field against the Chicago Bulls. His second highest NBA outing in points was 22. He almost reached that in the first half of this game as he was already at 21…

Smith catches fire early on by using Chicago’s lack of urgency in transition defense and from that point he nailed shots both over Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan, who took the task of guarding him very closely in the second half. It’s a shame that his team didn’t seemingly get him the ball in the fourth quarter. Even with Michael all over him, on this night Smith made the most toughest of mid-range shots and I would have loved to see what would have happened if he had the ability to force it a bit down the stretch. March 20, 1993.

Disclaimer – unfortunately the recording of the game I have is a bit choppy at times and thus four of Smith’s points aren’t to be seen. A real shame that it is so.



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