Mookie Blaylock (14pts/8rebs/11asts/10stls) vs. 76ers (1998)

Mookie Blaylock — who finished in the top-5 for steals per game eight times — just ruins Philadelphia’s trip to the Georgia Dome. Blaylock hounds the young superstar Allen Iverson and keeps on popping up from the weak side to swipe the ball away from unsuspecting Sixers players. Of course it had to be Mookie recording his tenth steal when the game was on the line and when Marc Davis could have won the game for Philly. Given the fact that Blaylock already had seven rebounds when there were six minutes left in the second quarter, it’s a shame that he didn’t go after the quadruple double a bit more. As trivial as it is, the QD is a once in a lifetime achievement and this particular performance by Mookie is the closest anyone has got to it in the NBA since Clyde Drexler in 1996 (I also have an old video of that on my channel, for those interested). April 14, 1998.

Update on 02/11/2017: Draymond Green now has the honor of being the closest to a quadruple double after his great performance at Memphis last night.



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