Dan Issel (19pts/9rebs/5asts) vs. ABA All-Stars (1976)

Sometimes I don’t get Dan Issel and his game. Jokes about his lack of leaping ability were made in the 1970s, yet I feel like he was quite the solid athlete. I would almost compare him to Larry Bird in this regard. Issel wasn’t the most outstanding athlete in some particular facet of the game, yet his overall height, agility and anticipation made him someone who would do stuff like throw down dunks on the break or grab a ton of rebounds. Is that just someone being great at basketball? Am I doing a race thing here? Don’t know. However, this versatile performance is a good indicator of his talent.

Some day I should finish that Dan Issel mixtape that I’ve been putting off for like the past seven years. 1976 ABA All-Star Game. January 27, 1976.

Disclaimer – five of Issel’s 19 points and one assist is missing from this video since the full game tape hasn’t been aired since the game occurred.



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