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Alex English (51pts/10asts) vs. Heat (1989)

With his Denver Nuggets missing the injured Fat Lever and struggling on the road at Miami, Alex English picks up the slack and scores 51 points. English is his usual self from the mid-range and uses his signature pump fakes to gain advantage for his high-release jump-shot. I want to point out that Denver’s announcers are annoyed with the few calls English gets (he went 24/35 from the field and only attempted 4 free throws) and claim that he’s the least respected star in the league. You’ll notice that they do have a point on some occasions. Also look out for Alex’s 10 assists (the boxscore says 9, yet I came up with 10 sure thing assists) – there’s a reason Doug Moe always praised English for his ability to hit the cutter. An amazing game from one of the greats of the 80’s. March 10, 1989.



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