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Tim Hardaway 28pts 14ast 8stl vs. Lakers – 1991 Playoffs R2G2 (1991.05.08)

Tim Hardaway 28pts 3reb 14ast 8stl


Tim Hardaway is the only player who has recorded that statline since 1985. The only single one. You would have thought that Magic, Chris Paul, Jason Kidd or Rajon Rondo would have been capable of recording a 28/14/8, but Tim Bug’s the only one who has done it. That’s how damn good he was before he blew out his knee (not to say that the didn’t successfully re-invent his game after the surgery) – he was an annoying pest to opposing point guards with his quick defensive footwork, would put you on numerous killer crossovers during one game and could make a jumpshot from anywhere on the floor. May 8, 1991.



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