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Magic Johnson 13pts 23ast vs. Blazers -1985 Playoffs R2G3 (1985.05.03)

Magic Johnson 13pts 7reb 23ast


I don’t mean to sound pro-80s and as if I frown upon today’s game, but, damn, the 80s simplicity is beautiful. No over-coaching and over-calling of plays just wings running along the side-lines in the fast break and through base-line screens in the half-court and the always-existing possibility of dumping it to Kareem in the post. The 23 assists Magic gets in this game almost seem like too big of a number. All he really has to do is get KAJ his sky-hooks, get McAdoo and Worthy their mid-range jumpers and find Byron Scott and Michael Cooper in motion. May 3, 1985.



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