Armen Gilliam (25pts/16rebs) vs. Magic (1993)

A cool game by Armen Gilliam which highlights his soft hands both around the basket and away from it. The pick-n-pop with Gilliam bouncing towards the base-line in order to have a third man (the center) commit to him is beautiful to watch.

Shaq gave him some real problems down in the stretch (9/20 FG), but otherwise it was a great effort by Armen. He entered the game in the second quarter and provided the Nets with some instant offense as his 13 points sparked a bit of a run by New Jersey. With Derrick Coleman spraining his ankle, Gilliam received more minutes in the second half and actually held New Jersey’s average offense in the game.

If you’re interested in trivialities, his stat-line is actually even more impressive than one would have thought. Only 13 bench players have recorded a 25/16 since 1985-86, given less than 35 minutes of playing time (Armen played 33).

November 30, 1993. R.I.P. Armen Gilliam



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