Oscar Schmidt (55pts) vs. Spain – Olympics Record (1988)

Just some beautiful shooting to the sounds of the court and the crowd… The record for points in an Olympics game set by the legendary Oscar Schmidt. The transition threes he takes and makes in this game, perhaps, represent the least fucks given I’ve ever seen. The man’s worst case scenario in the NBA probably would have been Kiki Vandeweghe. He can definitely score with the best of them.

Disclaimer – I swear he only made 53 points. Now, I don’t want to challenge the legitimacy of another historical statline (like Shaq’s a week ago), but I specifically re-watched the game by fast-forwarding it. The broadcast helps by showing each team’s flag and total points after each basket and thus I kept notice of every point by Brazil. And I”m telling you – Schmidt scored 53.

September 24, 1988.



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