Chris Webber (40pts/10rebs/10asts) vs. Warriors (1995)

C-Webb records a triple double in his third game against his former Warriors team and, moreover, does that on an injured ankle and a nagging shoulder injury (which would ultimately side-line him for the season). Golden State looks exactly like a team who is on the second night on a back-to-back and their comparatively small front-line gets over-powered and out-ran by an energetic Webber. He finishes a few dunks and when he isn’t attacking the hoop himself (18/25 FG), he was quite willing to spread the ball around.

At times his unselfishness almost seemed exaggerated and he himself admitted after the game that he was aiming to reach that triple double. But, hey, guess what – unselfish bigs who pass the ball and know how to do it are fun to watch. Plus, it probably does have an overall good effect on the team. A certain play might suffer because of it, however, it’s cool to have a leader who sets the tone for how much the ball should be shared. December 27, 1995.



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