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The Game Michael Jordan Got Trash Talked Then TOOK OVER With 19 Pts In Final 6 Mins 🐐🔥 (1995.11.30)

It was November 30, 1995, and Michael Jordan was playing his first full season after taking a short retirement in 1993. In their 14th match of the season, the Bulls met the struggling Vancouver Grizzlies and everyone counted it as an easy away game for Chicago. However, the Bulls were surprisingly trailing by 2 points at the beginning of Q4 and they saw that deficit increasing to 9 points. That’s when Darrick Martin, a 5’11” point guard playing in his sophomore season, pulled the amateur stunt of provoking the legend MJ. In a recent interview, the retired player remembered that night and said: “They’re on the tail end of a 13-day road trip, last game in Vancouver. Usually, that is the toughest game, you’re just trying to get back home… So I go by, make a layup, get in one, get fouled, we go up nine with about three minutes to go… And I said, ‘told you, gonna whoop your a– tonight.’ Phil Jackson looks down the bench, he’s like what do you wanna do? Michael Jordan sitting on the bench… shoes untied.” The beast inside MJ was already frustrated after a silent third quarter when Darrick’s comments made things worse. So his highness Air Jordan stood up and pulled an insane final quarter, scoring 19 of his 29 points in the last six minutes of the game.
The Denver-based point guard recalled MJ’s reaction and said, “He ties his shoes up, walks in… and says, ‘little man I told you about talking trash to me’. I said, man, we’re up nine, 3 minutes to go, you’re not beating me tonight… He made 15 points to beat us. If you watch the
In that game, Darrick had come off the bench to score 7 points and snatch a steal. However, he had no idea what was coming his way.
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