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Magic Johnson 31pts 17ast vs. Spurs -1983 Playoffs R2G4 (1983.05.15)

Magic Johnson 31pts 8reb 17ast


This recent uproar of new Jordan vs. LeBron talks (which I want no part of, by the way) has made me think about Magic. You look at his resume, acknowledge all of his accolades, man… We might just be forgetting how awesome his career was (something similar applies to KAJ, though, I guess center’s have their own hypothetical comparisons and discussions) and possibly are downplaying the improbable career numbrs he could have had if he could have continued to play past 1990-91.

There’s been only one other 31/8/17 game since 1982/83 in the post-season. That one also belongs to Magic Johnson. May 15, 1983.



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