Johnny Moore (21pts/17asts/3stls) vs. Lakers (1983 Playoffs)

When you search for Johnny Moore on YouTube, you get more hits of random music artists (my apologies if they are more than that) than the San Antonio Spurs point guard who averaged 11.3ppg and 9.7apg for five straight seasons before suffering a nasty form of meningitis. We’ve talked about this before in the comment section of certain videos – the early 1980s are a gold mine of great point guards who didn’t pan out for the most unlucky and tragic reasons. Moore wasn’t among the absolute top notch of them, yet averages of 22.5 points and 14.6 assists per game that he had in these 1982-83 Playoffs do say something.

I really enjoy the patience of his ventures inside the 3-point line. That’s what sets apart common point guards from good ones. Yeah, you might dart towards the rim when there’s an open lane, but can you yo-yo around when all of that space isn’t there. May 15, 1983.

Disclaimer – this version of the game that I have doesn’t include a 3-pointer Moore made late in the fourth period. Admittedly, three of his 17 assists have some home cooking to them.



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