Bobby Jones (24pts/10rebs) vs. ABA All-Stars (1976)

Boy, what a mistake did the Denver Nuggets make when they traded away a 26-year-old Bobby Jones and Ralph Simpson for the declining George McGinnis and a couple of draft picks that just should have ended up in the latter part of the first round. Denver made a couple of such moves in their post-ABA shuffle of the deck where the acquisitions were pretty damn good, yet the team ultimately didn’t benefit from the shake-up. Guys like Bobby Jones work on every good team. Jones averaged 14.8 points (58.3 FG%), 8.6 rebounds, 3.5 assists, 2.0 steals and 1.9 blocks in only 32.1 minutes during his four seasons in the ABA. Three of those years he lead the league in shooting percentage from the field.

Rebounds, defense, a dunk on his future teammate (2:18) Julius Erving, a couple of jumpers and just smart plays all around (I love how he accelerates at 0:35 to beat his man down the court, he knew what would happen all along). Bobby Jones might have been the player I enjoyed watching the most in this game. 1976 ABA All-Star Game. January 27, 1976.

Disclaimer – five of Jones’s 24 points are missing from this video since the full game tape hasn’t been aired since the game occurred.



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