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Terrell Brandon 27pts 10rebs 14asts vs. 76ers (2000.01.09)

Terrell Brandon 27pts 10rebs 14asts


The first of two triple doubles that Terrell Brandon had during his NBA career. One of the steadiest point guards of the 1990’s who kind of flew under the radar — despite two All-Star Games — since he never appeared in a second round series as a starter. Truth be told,his guys were hitting everything after his passes in this game. The true magic is the three straight jumpers he made during the fourth quarter to seal the deal (and a fourth one after taking a break for a few possessions).

Although the boxscore credits him with 14 assists, you can see in the play-by-play data that one of Brandon’s assists was awarded to a teammate, so he was good for a near career-high (which is 16 assists) of 15 dimes. January 9, 2000.



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