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Michael Jordan Highlights vs 76ers (1993.03.24) – 43pts, Carrying the team, 19 in the 3RD Q!

Highlights of the Game (By jxn23):
1:09 Jordan slips down screen for lay in after his defender (Hawkins) helps onto cutter (Grant)
1:16 Jordan jab step fakes using screen for 1 dribble pull up left with defender contesting from side
1:25 Jordan scores contested fadeaway over 7-7 Manute Bol
1:51 Jordan gets open 3 off offensive rebound
2:00 Jordan goes behind screen for long jumper after defender goes under screen. Hawkins still gets a hand in his face.
2:27 Jordan hits contested fadeaway turnaround with hand in his face
2:57 Jordan uses screen to get away from his defender and then spins around help defender
3:53 Jordan hits fadeaway going left over 6-10 Gilliam in transition
4:01 Jordan hits fadeaway over Hawkins
4:09 Jordan hits long jumper over Hawkins
4:18 Jordan uses screen and hits long jumper over 6-11 Andrew Lang
4:29 steal and breakaway dunk
4:56 Jordan uses crossover and then hits long contested jumper over Hawkins
5:07 Jordan hits turnaround fadeaway over double team of Hawkins and 6-10 Gilliam
5:19 Jordan hits long fadeaway over double team of Hawkins and 6-10 Gilliam
5:48 Jordan hits contested 3 pointer from 3 feet behind the line
6:20 Jordan drives baseline and scores layup over 2 defenders
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