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The game Larry Bird and Bill Laimbeer went at it. Seeing Larry Legend go full berserk is rare. You have to take him to the limit to see that.

Just as the 24-second shot clock expired, Bird, driving for the basket, was pulled down from behind by Laimbeer, and thrown hard to the floor. Larry, who came up with welts on his neck and face, began flailing away at Laimbeer. Both benches were cleared.

Everything got more exciting after the huddle… A rarely pissed off Larry Bird threw the basketball at Laimbeer, ended up hitting him. Rodman came into the action as Laimbeer’s “Buddyguard”. Isiah Thomas was holding Larry Bird and laughing hard like a psycho. ”It`s like Michael said, Laimbeer is the dirtiest player in the league and I think everybody knows it,” said Bird.

Laimbeer played the nice guy in a post-game interview: “I didn’t do anything wrong. He came up swinging. I think my reputation victimized me. But I know I didn’t do anything to deserve being kicked out of the game.” Laimbeer fined $5,000, Bird fined $2,000 and they moved on to the next game as nothing happened.

It’s pure ’80s basketball, the most entertaining and the most fun to watch.

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